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How to Successfully Entertain Guests In a Small Ontario Apartment

May 15th, 2017

Many times it feels difficult to host a gathering and entertain guests in a small apartment. The lack of space seems to be an issue that will stop your guests from having a good time.

Ultimately it doesn’t come down to the space you have but what you make of it.

So sit back, relax, and take a read on these ideas for how to successfully entertain guests in your Ontario apartment.


First thing is first. Start off by maximizing space.

This comes in the form of cleaning. Clean your apartment from dirt and clutter. Getting rid of clutter (any decor that isn’t necessary) will open up space for guests. The trick is to stuff anything unnecessary in places your guests will never be like under your bed.

While you are de-cluttering your Ontario apartment try and see if you can shift your furniture around to allow you a little more room. This may not look super chic but having more space for your guests will be worth it.

Make sure you have a designated place for your guests purses and coats.

Instead of everyone placing their things on the chair or couch they are sitting on have guests place their items in a hallway closet or on a bed freeing up the main party area.

Back to making the most of your Ontario apartment, place a few throw pillows on the floor to add seating. It may look a little weird at first but guests will be fighting over who gets what pillow.

If you must decorate utilize the ceiling and wall space. Hang whatever you can and avoid taking up the precious table and counter space you took so long de-cluttering.

Make use of all your counter space. Your Ontario luxury apartment has a beautiful kitchen so why not put all that space to use? Remove any small appliances that are non-essential to your hosting. This goes back to the de-cluttering of your apartment.

More Preparation

Now that the area is clear and clean you can set up food and drink stations. To really put your kitchen space to use, use your sink as a cooler.

Fill your sink up with ice and place soda, wines, and beer inside; it’s easy access for your guests and one less bulky item in your apartment.

Going with the idea of making the most of your counter space, make sure to spread out appetizers, main course, and dessert throughout the apartment. This will prevent crowding which can make any space seem smaller than it is and make it much easier for your guests to get their hands on some food.

Continuing with the topic of food, using tiered trays will allow you to fit more with less space. Reducing the cluttered look that you worked so hard to achieve, tiered trays will also make your guests happy because you can give them more food options.

Speaking of food, your food menu is also important in the use of space. Keeping your menu simple means keeping more space open for you and your guests.

If you think about it serving something like steak means your guests will have to find a table or counter to sit and eat at and they will need utensils, all taking up more room leaving less for other guests. If you serve something like sliders guests can eat that wherever they want, it’s a food they can take on-the-go.

Serving food such as mini quesadillas, sliders, mini hot dogs, chicken wings, mini pizzas, tortellini bites, and mini sandwiches are perfect for a small apartment gathering.

And of course have plenty of drinks like soda, beer, and wine available in your kitchen sink cooler.


Having good food and drinks is part of successfully entertaining guests but so is the actual entertainment. Having fun games planned will add some life to the party and have your guests mingling with each other in no time.

These games don’t have to be crazy just fun and simple games to entertain your guests such as:

Sticker Stalker – Every guest gets a sheet of stickers and must get rid of them by sticking them on the other guests at the party without them noticing. First one to get rid of all their stickers, wins.

The Laughing game – Everyone sits in a circle, each person takes a turn saying Ha, Hee, or Ho anyone who starts to laugh is out. Keep going until everyone is out. The person that keeps a straight face the longest, wins.

No to No – Ban everyone from saying the word yes or no. Choose a person to start. That person has one minute to answer as many questions from the rest of the group as they can without saying yes or no.

If they make it to the end without saying no, they get a point. Keep taking turns and the person with the most points by the end, wins.

Likes and Dislikes – Every guest will write down 5 of their likes and 5 of their dislikes on a piece of paper. Once everyone is done gather around and read the papers while guests figure out who the likes and dislikes belong to. It’ll be interesting and you’ll get to know eachother better.

Charades – A classic for any and every party.

More Entertainment

If you want to really liven things up put a twist and play one of the following drinking games, your guest will for sure enjoy these!

Never Have I Ever: Share something that you have never done before by saying “Never have I ever…..” and anyone that has done that thing must take a drink. This is a fun way to learn some secrets about your friends.

Most Likely: Everyone sits in a circle. And everyone asks a most likely question.

For example “Who would be most likely to to meet a celebrity” on the count of 3 everyone points to whoever they think would most likely to do whatever was mentioned. You then have to take a drink for every person pointing at you.

Straight face: Everyone writes a sentence on a piece of paper. The sentence should be something that would keep someone from reading it with a straight face.

One at a time, each player picks a piece of paper and reads it out loud, if they can’t keep a straight face while reading it, they have to take a drink.

Taboo: At the beginning of the party each person gets an index card with a somewhat common word or phrase. The word should be something that will be said but not something that is said very frequently.

Every time someone says your word or phrase you call out the word “Taboo” and the person who said it has to drink.

Celebrity game: The first person says a celebrity’s name. The next person has to say a celebrity’s name that starts with the letter that the last celebrity’s name ended with.

For example, the first person says “Beyoncé” the next person would have to name a celebrity that starts with the letter E. You keep going until someone takes too long to answer (10 second or so) then that person has to take a drink.

Mr. Freeze: This game is played throughout the duration of the party. One person is the designated “Mr. Freeze” and at one point he/she must freeze during the party.

Everyone that notices must follow suit. The last person to notice has to take a shot/drink. Then a new Mr. Freeze is chosen.

I’m Going To The Bar: Similar to the game you played as a child, “I’m going on a picnic”, you state that you’re going to the bar and what you need to get there.

For example, “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a Mai Tai” and then next person would say “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a Mai Tai and a Margarita”. The game continues until one of your guests messes up resulting in them taking a shot.

The list goes on and on for both drinking and non-drinking games but these are just a few ideas to get the party started in your Ontario luxury apartment. In addition if you have a gaming console, bust it out. Even if all of your guests can’t play at once you can have a tournament-style set up to make sure everyone gets to play.

Lastly, open up all windows or crank the air conditioner. In a small space with a good amount of people in it, the heat will rise quickly.

To prevent cabin fever either open the windows ahead of time and keep them open to air your Ontario apartment out, or have the air conditioner on full blast once everyone arrives and adjust accordingly.

Being stuffy is really the only set back when having a small apartment and entertaining guests.

That is it! You are now fully equipped or at least tipped on how to successfully entertain guests in your Ontario apartment. Happy hosting!

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